About the author

Joanne Poyourow merges an understanding of post-peak concepts with a background in traditional economics.  She is the initiator of Transition Los Angeles and currently directs the Environmental Change-Makers nonprofit organization.  She blogs at Transition US and her work is syndicated internationally.

Joanne was a C.P.A. in public practice for 13 years.  She holds a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She has extensively studied post-peak materials – post carbon, post-petroleum, and post-growth – in search of positive solutions which will work at a grassroots level.  Her economics work is informed by the principles of Permaculture and more than two decades of gardening food.  She is the author of several works about the transition to post-peak lifestyles.

The Economic Resilience booklets, ebook and blog share what can be put in place within a local community to prepare us for what lies ahead.

Connect with Joanne online

Environmental Change-Makers community group in Los Angeles www.EnviroChangeMakers.org
Joanne's personal webpage www.LegacyLA.net
Twitter: @TLAJoanne